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I’d love to say that All Roads North was a natural progression from what came before, a culmination of many years spent admiring America and exploring its every corner. But it wouldn’t be true. I was dragged here kicking and screaming.

In my mind, America was not ‘different’ enough. I envisaged a Hollywood-esque world, a place lacking an interesting culture, where the cities were modern and ugly. So when I found myself getting off a plane at Boston’s Logan Airport one cold February morning, my worst fears had seemingly been realized.

The first of many wake up calls came with a trip from Boston to New Orleans. That two such different cities, both with their own rich histories and cultures, could be part of the same country made me think again.

As I began to travel further afield I found myself in the ultimate adventurer’s playground; words like wilderness and backcountry started to have real meaning. I met fishing guides, park rangers and old school outdoorsmen that showed me that a certain pride in nature and spirit of adventure that is sadly dying in many countries, is alive and well here.

As I started to talk to friends about all of these things, I realized that I wasn’t alone in having discounted America. Many had traveled the world yet had barely set foot in the United States.

Travel companies weren’t helping the cause either. When the U.S. was even a feature of their offering it was as an afterthought; the same well-trodden places popped up again and again, as did the same handful of hotels. It was easy to find group tours but tailor-made journeys for upscale independent travelers were missing.

So for the next year I traveled the country in earnest, covering tens of thousands of miles, taking the backroads, meeting guides, talking to locals. I’d often camp in national parks along the way, dusting myself off in the morning, putting on a clean shirt and my one pair of vaguely smart shoes, before meeting the team at some of the country’s finest hotels and ranches.

I want to show people what I have found, to create a collection of the most unexpected, authentic journeys this country had to offer. In a time when everyone is looking for their own unique experience and their own kind of adventure, America has so much more to offer than the modern pop-culture image might suggest.

It was these travels that also helped to shape our ethos, the idea of ‘unpretentious luxury’, which lies at the heart of everything we do. We are not simply looking for the right names or the most exclusive resorts. We want to create tailor-made experiences, unique to each customer. Perhaps that’s a stay in one of the most indulgent hotels in the United States, but it could just as easily be a remote log cabin in a secluded National Park.

From the start we felt it was key to work directly with hotels, guides and the host of other people that make a trip unique. We’ve been told this is ‘not how it’s done’ but to us this is nothing more than common sense, after all how can you recommend something that you don’t know? We keep things simple and personal because it’s better for our clients.

From these small beginnings, it was a fantastic honor to be recently recognized alongside some of the leading travel experts in the world as one of Conde Nast Traveler’s Top Travel Specialists 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Our team is based in Venice, California, and we’re looking forward to creating new experiences in 2023 and beyond.

Sam Highley


All of the Porters want to thank you for your attention to detail, great choices, and making this such a fun-filled family vacation. We wanted to take our now adult kids on holiday before the three of them depart to their respective busy lives and we could not have possibly planned such a wonderful vacation on our own.

The Porter Family

Why We’re Different

America Revealed

Carhartt winery Los OlivosWe’re on a mission to help you discover what America is really all about; diverse, breathtakingly beautiful and possessed with an energy that you won’t find anywhere else. To do this better than anyone else, we have traveled the country to find the very best hotels, the most knowledgeable guides and the insider experiences that together make an All Roads North journey unique. We live here, we’re constantly exploring our backyard and we are passionate about helping others experience this incredible country.

Unpretentious Luxury

Barns along the Salmon River IdahoFinding the best doesn’t always mean finding the most expensive and we believe that the most memorable travel experiences can be found in the most unexpected of places. We are not simply looking for the right names or the most exclusive resorts. We want to create tailor-made experiences, unique to each customer. Perhaps that’s a stay in one of the most indulgent hotels in the United States, but it could just as easily be a remote log cabin in a lesser-known National Park.

Journey People

Driving through Owens ValleyBeach holiday, safari, city break, villa rental, island resort, and so the list goes on. There are many great ways to spend a holiday but we specialize in one: the magic of journeys. Whether road tripping with the roof down, exploring a national park on horseback or trekking the backcountry, there is a unique sense of adventure that comes with being on the move. America’s cities have a lot to offer but it’s the in-between places away from the spotlight; mountains, plains and their crossroad towns, that are the beating heart of this country.

Seamless Organization

Colored doors and Chilis in TaosPlanning a holiday is all part of the experience and we’ll make it fun and effortless. We know that everybody is different and we’ll work with you, hopefully providing some inspiration along the way, to really understand what you like and don’t like. Once you’re totally happy, we’ll take care of every last detail, so that all you need to worry about is turning up to the airport on time.

“An amazing road trip through California. A special thank you to Sam and his company All Roads North, for immaculate organization. If ever anyone wishes to go on a top class road trip in the U.S., these guys are exceptional!”

Oleg Papazov

How To Book

Designing Your Unique Trip

Give us a call, drop us an email or get in touch online.

We‘ll ask the right questions to understand exactly what you like and don’t like.

Based on this, we’ll send you your unique Journey Book – a visual summary of your suggested trip that also includes a quote.

We hope we’ll get it right first time but if we don’t we’ll continue to fine-tune things until it’s 100% right.

Taking Care of the Details

Once you’re totally happy with the itinerary, we’ll take a deposit and confirm the trip.

In the background, we’ll assemble every element of your holiday. From restaurant reservations to birthday surprises, the devil is in the detail.

On-Hand While You’re Away

We’ll provide a detailed day-by-day Journey Guide that outlines everything you need to know, from the best route to interesting stopping points and great places to eat along the way.

You’ll be given access to a custom app where you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips, from maps and flight info, to important documents.

Our team is on hand 24/7 to provide concierge services during your trip. We’re sure things will go smoothly but if they don’t, just give us a call.


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