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Fascinating history, breathtaking coastal landscapes and home to one of the country’s must-visit cities.

We’re talking about Charleston, arguably America’s most beautiful city although I am sure neighboring Savannah would have something to say about that. Either way, it has an interesting history, stunning architecture and a stellar food scene. Wandering along its cobbled streets with its pretty townhouses and horse drawn carriages, it can be easy to forget what country you are in.

Many of the most iconic plantation homes of the south are situated close to Charleston and strolling their immaculate landscaped gardens, palatial reception rooms or cramped slave quarters, provides a captivating window into the painful past of southern history.

The Lowcountry Sea Islands that run the length of the coast are a unique and stunning salt marsh environment. They range from the well-heeled golf mecca of Hilton Head to more laid-back, less developed gems like Edisto and St Helena Islands. All along this coastline are strong pockets of Gullah culture– descendents of enslaved West Africans that form isolated, culturally distinct island communities. A boat trip out to a deserted beach on one of these islands for a barbecue lunch of freshly harvested oysters is an experience to savor.

Inland, around the state capital Columbia, you’ll experience a small town, southern way of life. Nearby Congaree National Park is a magical old growth cypress swamp that boasts some of the largest trees of their type. Further upstate is the former textile town of Greenville that is experiencing a renaissance with a vibrant downtown and an enviable way of life.

Dotted throughout, especially along the coast and around Charleston, are some truly special hotels and time spent with one of our guides will only add to a truly memorable experience in this enthralling state.

We’ve outlined a sample South Carolina road trip below but to start designing your own custom South Carolina luxury travel, please get in touch to speak with a specialist.

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