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If there is one feature on a map of America that sinks in from misspent geography lessons, it’s the mighty Rockies.

Stretching 3,000 miles from British Columbia to New Mexico, the Rockies are one of the world’s great mountain ranges. The states through which they run are home to mind-blowing scenery, pristine national parks, and a distinct lack of big cities. With huge areas of protected wilderness and the lowest population density in the United States, getting off the beaten path is never hard.

Only a handful of Europeans had ever even set eyes on these mountains before Lewis and Clark, two young infantrymen commissioned by Thomas Jefferson to explore the western land mass of the North American continent, embarked on their epic journey to the Pacific coast in 1804, and many of the mountain towns still have a distinct frontier feel. Even the swankier getaways of Jackson Hole, Aspen and others still have more than a whiff of pioneer spirit about them.

For those who crave wide open spaces and the chance to get back to nature, this is the place. From ‘dude’ ranching and fly fishing in Montana, wildlife safaris in Wyoming, wilderness rafting in Idaho, to exploring the otherworldly national parks of Utah, this the ultimate adventurer’s playground. Towns like Boulder, Durango and Bozeman have become thriving outdoor meccas and regularly vie for the crown of ‘best place to live’ in the United States.

From luxury ranches to a former brothel, we know the best places to stop along the way. The guides we work with live and breathe these places and are perfectly placed to give you the experience of a lifetime.

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