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Montana conjures images of spectacular mountain scenery, trout-filled streams and idyllic ranches. The reality of this enchanting state surpasses even these lofty expectations.

We’ve yet to travel a road in Montana where we haven’t been transfixed by the view and it soon becomes apparent where the nickname ‘Big Sky Country’ comes from.  In the western half of the state literally hundreds of separate mountain ranges thread together to form part of the Rockies. Winding roads run along lush valley floors, snow capped peaks frame the horizon and clear, tumbling rivers run their course. True wilderness still very much exists here and places like the Bob Marshall region or the Absaroka Range are still magnificently wild. The stunning Glacier National Park runs along the Canadian border and if you were to imagine a picture-perfect mountain landscape, it would look something like this. To the east of this huge state, wide open prairies and endless plains seem to stretch forever. It is easy to see why Montana road trips are often the start of a love affair with The West.

Towns like Bozeman, Livingston and Missoula are constantly evolving and your neighbor at the bar could just as easily be a web developer, fishing guide, or farmer. While traces of Lewis and Clark are ever present, remains of the old America, pre-colonization, are also more visible in Montana than elsewhere. The state is home to multiple Indian reservations as well as moving tributes to events such as the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

A Montana ranch trip is a quintessential western experience and your options range from a genuine working operation where you’ll be mucking in with the wranglers, to some of the most luxurious lodgings in the country. The focus on riding also varies from being the sole emphasis to places where there is a more of a mixed activity program. We’ll take time to understand exactly what you’re looking for, carefully matching you with the right property.

With a little help from Brad Pitt, Montana is justly acclaimed for its fantastic fly fishing. From sight casting to spooky fish on a gin clear spring creek to floating one of the West’s most celebrated rivers, a Montana trip should be high on the list of any fly fisherman. Whether just a single day as part of a wider trip or a stay at a dedicated fishing lodge, the options are endless.

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