Elevated Experiences in America’s Wild Places

While we’ve mastered the art of the open road here at All Roads North, sometimes the adventure only begins when the pavement ends. From high-mountain Montana pack trips to canoe expeditions through the Texan borderlands, we’ve created a series of immersive adventures that we can weave into your wider journey. In the company of legendary guides, you’ll access North America’s wildest places and experience the luxury of true solitude and mesmerizing natural beauty. The hardships of a departure from modern life are softened by the small details of a warm shower or hearty camp meal prepared over an open fire.

Get ready to trade the familiar hum of tires on asphalt for the clip of horse hooves, the rush of rapids, and the creak of ship masts. These are five elevated experiences that will take you beyond the road into the American wilderness.

By Pack Trip

Wyoming’s Paintrock Canyon

Paintrock Ranch Pack Trip

Vast meadows, alpine valleys, and the star of the show—Paintrock Canyon, an 8-mile wonderland of limestone slopes and color-shifting red cliffs. This is the setting for your pack trip journey in the Bighorn Mountains.

After a day or two of laid-back evenings and meals at Paintrock Canyon Ranch, you’ll saddle and head through the canyon to your homebase at the foot of Cloud Peak in the Bighorn Basin. The next three days will be spent visiting surrounding creeks to fish, hiking miles of trails, and riding out to the cow camp to spend the day with the ranch team. Back at camp, evenings are spent around a campfire under the stars, telling stories and enjoying a warm drink. Meanwhile, a private chef will prepare dinner over an open fire. The trip offers the best of both worlds: absolute remote seclusion in the wilderness and the luxuries of warm showers and expertly-made meals. 

By Canoe

The Texan borderlands of Big Bend

Big Bend Canoe 2

As the country’s fifth-longest river, the Rio Grande showcases a rich tapestry of landscapes, from dramatic canyons to expansive flat deserts. This overnight canoe expedition gives you the chance to intimately experience many sides of the great river’s personality. The Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande have some of the most awe-inspiring scenery of any river trip in the Southwest, and some of the most challenging rapids and whitewater. The trip is an epic 82 miles in total, taking about seven to ten days on the river. As the most remote stretch of river in Texas, the sounds of the paddle and river are the only soundtrack as you wind through never-ending temples of steep-sided canyons. Breakfasts of eggs and sizzling bacon on the riverbanks begin each day and dinners of al-fresco vegetables and steak or chicken finish out the day’s adventures. Each trip is tailored to your preferences, whether that be dietary restrictions or adjustments to the length and challenge of the trip.

By Raft

The Colorado’s mighty Cataract Canyon

Cataract Canyon Rafting

Whether you opt to experience the full 100 mile, four-day journey along the Colorado River or a one night excursion, a whitewater rafting trip is an unforgettable way to to experience Canyonlands National Park. 

Your first day on the river in the whitewater RHIB (rigid hull inflatable boat) is mostly mellow, taking you through calm water where you’ll float beneath canyon walls, hike to waterfalls and enjoy incredible vistas. Wildlife is all around, so keep an eye out as you lazily make your way along the upper river miles. In the evening, you’ll end at a simple and comfortable camp with a Western-style meal prepared by your guides to be enjoyed at the riverside. Fall asleep under the dark desert skies, lulled by the sound of the river. Then, it’s into Cataract Canyon– famous for its great rapids, secluded side canyons and historic ruins. In between coursing along more than 30 rapids, you’ll hike to native hideouts, towering overlooks, and vistas in all directions.

Raft between Backcountry Lodges in Alaska

Kenai River Rafting

Nearly every adventure in Alaska is an “off road” journey, as so much of the Last Frontier is not easily navigable on land. What the state lacks in roads, however, it makes up for in riverways and float plane expeditions. One notable way to experience the road-less Alaskan wilderness is with this three night rafting expedition between two backcountry lodges. Starting in the Kenai Wildlife Refuge at Kenai Riverside Lodge, you’ll navigate the rivers of the Kenai River on a full day of rafting. Keep your eyes peeled for moose, bear, caribou, and birds. At your final destination, Kenai Backcountry Lodge, enjoy a wood-fired sauna as you relax in one of nine guest cabins located around a glacier-carved lake.

By Schooner

The uninhabited islands of Midcoast Maine

Maine Windjammer

This schooner journey takes place along Maine’s serene mid-coast. Mornings begin with the comforting aroma of fresh coffee and muffins, setting the tone for a relaxed day at sea. After a laid-back breakfast, relax and enjoy the salty breeze, or join in raising the sails, as guests are invited to actively participate in all shipboard activities. You’ll spend approximately six idyllic hours daily navigating the scenic islands and bays, encountering seals, porpoises, and the ever-changing coastal panorama.

As the sun sets, you’ll anchor in a tranquil harbor off a fishing village or uninhabited island. Explore ashore with rowboats at your disposal, or plunge into Maine’s crisp waters for a refreshing swim. Evenings onboard offer a mix of stargazing, storytelling, and camaraderie, enhanced by on-deck dining featuring three homemade meals daily complemented by hors d’oeuvres, desserts– all culminating in the iconic beach lobster bake with fresh caught Maine lobsters.

Windjammer music night

Nick Parson


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