Arizona conjures images of rattlesnakes, tumbleweed and the wild west, and while it has all of these, it is a surprisingly diverse state. Even the desert regions are full of life and a visit when the wildflowers are in bloom is a sight to behold.

No talk of Arizona road trips are complete without mention of its most famous attraction, the mighty Grand Canyon. You can forget whatever preconceptions, photos or words have painted your picture of the Grand Canyon, none will do justice to the sensation of standing on the edge of this gargantuan fissure in the surface of the earth. It is simply a place that everybody should try and see once in their life.  While the vast majority of people only experience it from a few well-trodden viewpoints, we’ll make sure you escape the crowds and see it the right way.

The central highlands that run south from the Grand Canyon are perhaps Arizona’s most surprising region. This high plateau is home to the country’s largest pine forest and provides a welcome respite from the summer heat further south. Sedona with its perfect climate, stunning red rock landscapes and the verdant Oak Creek Canyon make it a great place to take it easy and indulge yourself in some of the area’s luxurious hotels.

The northeast of the state forms part of the Four Corners region and is a must for anyone with an interest in the indigenous cultures, both past and present, of the United States. Much of the area sits in the Navajo Nation, the largest reservation in the country. In its center are the incredible Hopi Mesas, villages from as early as 900 AD perched on top of rock outcrops overlooking the plains below. Canyon de Chelly is remote, beautiful and a treasure trove of ancient ruins.

Southern Arizona can be blisteringly hot in the summer but is an ideal getaway to escape the winter cold elsewhere. From luxury ranches and riding among the iconic saguaro cactus, exploring the unique flora and fauna that inhabit the mountain outcrops or ‘Sky Islands’ of the region, to visiting vestiges of the wild west in places like Tombstone, it is perfect road trip territory.

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