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With over five thousand miles of glacier-scoured coastline and seventeen million acres of woodland, Maine’s a place to switch off and get back to nature.

Maine’s coast alone is reason to visit and it would take a lifetime to fully explore the myriad of spruce-studded islands and peninsulas, many still home to traditional fishing villages and boat-filled harbors, that run from the well-heeled Kennebunks on the Southern Coast to the wild and undeveloped Down East region that borders Canada. Acadia National Park is the jewel of this seaboard with granite peaks dropping down to rocky coves. From early mornings on lobster boats helping pull up the pots to sailing trips on a traditional windjammer to deserted islands, we’ve crafted unique experiences that will highlight the best of this unique region.

Heading inland, the waters of the Atlantic give way to a patchwork of crystal clear lakes connected by a network of rivers and streams. The vast North Woods are remote country and, in some areas only accessible by float plane, moose and black bears outnumber the human population. Traditional sporting camps dot this wilderness landscape and offer a back-to-nature experience that is rarely found this side of the Mississippi. Maine’s highest peak and the end point of the epic Appalachian Trail, Mt Katahdin, sits in the heart of the state and the region is a hiker’s paradise. Further south, lakes like Moosehead and Rangeley are perfect summer playgrounds, with long lazy days of canoeing, fishing and swimming, making for a family holiday to remember.

We’ve outlined a sample Maine road trip below but to start designing your own custom Maine luxury travel, please get in touch to speak with a specialist.

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