Connections: Jackson, WY with Hatmaker Christy Sing Robertson

For this week’s Connections interview, we spoke with Christy Sing Robertson, a hatmaker and small business owner in Jackson, Wyoming. An outdoors and adventure mecca, Jackson is a captivating gateway to the American West in the heart of the majestic Grand Teton Mountains.  

At All Roads North, we believe that a place is nothing without its people. So often, when we ask our clients the most memorable parts of their journey, it’s not the Instagram-worthy landscape or acclaimed hotel that they mention, it’s the encounters they had along the way.  That’s why our trips are carefully designed to make those connections, providing you with an authentic and immersive experience. These experiences– whether it be with a local craftsman, musician, chef or marine biologist– are the inspiration for our Connections series, where we talk to friends of All Roads North to get an insider’s look at some of our favorite places across the U.S.

Tell us about your Jackson story?

I moved to Jackson in 2003 to work on a guest ranch and I decided to stay. I got a word from God telling me to move here– and I had never even been here before. 

Jackson Hole

What three words sum up Jackson for you?

Outdoor lovers paradise

What major Jackson Hole attraction lives up to the hype?

The grandeur of the Grand Tetons. They are absolute magic. They rise up in the distance and are so expansive. When you’re staring straight at the mountain range it’s incredibly humbling. 

Jackson, WY

What’s your favorite neighborhood to wander?

Wilson. It’s a little community in Teton county. It’s still a place where old timers, long time Jackson locals and newcomers all live. 

Underrated in Jackson Hole, overrated in Jackson Hole, and personal favorite?

What’s underrated is how close Jackson is to the wild. What’s overrated is that Jackson isn’t something here for everyone. This is an outdoor place. There aren’t many indoor options. There’s great restaurants and things like that, but there’s not really much to do indoors.

A personal favorite is a small cafe called Healthy Being Juicery. They have all fresh ingredients, and create their juices and nut milks in small batches. It’s just a small cafe. I love getting the bagel and lox. 

Christy Sing Robertson

By Joeseph Haeberle

What’s your Sunday morning in Jackson Hole?

My Sunday morning looks like church, at the Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole with my family. I’ve been going to this church for several years with my husband and children.

What restaurant do you take friends from out of town for dinner, a casual local’s favorite, and a weekend brunch?

I’d take friends to Local Restaurant. A favorite local’s spot is Persephone Bakery. And Cafe Genevieve is a great place for a weekend brunch.

Hiking in the Tetons, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Where do you go to get into nature?

I love to hike the local trails. These spaces are so special and precious to locals. I love to get a hard workout in a short amount of time and I love being outside. The sounds and smells, and the beautiful views of nature here. Sometimes I will be able to see wildlife, like deer and elk.

What inspired you to begin your hat business?

I had a similar experience entering hat making as I did moving out here. I heard a word from God in the middle of my happy life to do something different. Both times, it fully uprooted my life. I was working, then this idea to make hats entered my head out of the blue. I did an apprenticeship about a year after I had the idea, and I started my business in 2018. I could try to sound cooler and explain a more concrete reason, but it wouldn’t be true. 


This interview has been edited for length and clarity.


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