An Electric Future Awaits the Great American Road Trip

Electric vehicles have long been in the public eye with the huge success of companies like Tesla, but the future promises a growing spotlight.

There are many cool, new electric vehicles (EVs) on the market from both big name car dealers and new startups. Plus, 2021’s bipartisan American infrastructure deal promises to pour government money into the installation of EV chargers across the country.

At All Roads North, we are leaning into this electric future and already have our eyes on the latest and greatest EVs for our clients’ trips. We look forward to creating more and more electric vehicle-based itineraries that lower the carbon footprint of our trips while also enhancing the overall travel experience.

And with the pipeline full of new models, there are plenty to choose from.

The Exciting Lineup of EVs on the Market

Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan, Credit: Porsche

The Porsche Taycan models prove high performance, luxury cars look just as slick with electric engines.

Ford created an electric version of their iconic F series truck, the F-150. An all-American truck-focused brand turning electric just goes to prove how deep the electric current is running in the car industry.

Ford's F-150

Ford F-150, Credit: Ford

In addition to the existing auto giants, several new car brands completely dedicated to electric-only models were born in past years with sleek, futuristic models– like Bollinger and Rivian. From pick-up truck models to boxy SUVs reminiscent of a luxe Range Rover style, you can’t help but pick these cars out of a crowd as the face of the future.

EV Road Trip Itineraries You Can Book Now


Bollinger B1, Credit: Bollinger

Road trippers have long been skeptical about the practicality of an electric vehicle when traversing America’s more rural areas, but it’s looking like this worry will soon be one of the past as charging stations continue to proliferate across the country. In fact, there are already several routes that can easily operate with EVs. For example, All Roads North’s epic itineraries along the Pacific Coast easily operate with electric vehicles. You can cruise down Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a shiny Tesla rental. Or you can zip between the country’s most renowned wineries in Napa and Sonoma in a stylish Porsche Taycan. The options are many and, we suspect, soon-to-be quite limitless.

Rivian R1T Pickup

Rivian R1T Pickup, Credit: Rivian

Check out these EV-friendly road trip itineraries:

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