A family run working ranch in the beautiful and remote Wind River valley of Wyoming. Bitterroot Ranch is the real deal and the perfect place for serious riders looking for a genuine ranch experience.

The Atmosphere

The ranch is nestled at the head of a valley 30 miles outside of the small town of Dubois. In all directions there are vast expanses of National Forest and mountains. This makes for varied riding country, with alpine meadows, river valleys and high plains desert. The chance of running into other people are slim but elk, moose, bears, and wolves all roam these parts.

The Fox family have been ranching at Bitterroot since 1971 and while the guest program is central to the operation, it is not its reason for being. This is very much still a dynamic working ranch and every spring the cattle herd is brought up to the ranch from their winter grounds and graze freely in the vast Shoshone National Forest that abuts the property.

While there is some great trout fishing in the area and thousands of acres of pristine wilderness to keep you occupied, the focus at Bitterroot is very much on the riding. Most guests stay for a full week with a couple of different rides each day. Guests are carefully grouped and matched with horses based on ability. At certain times of the year guests will help drive the cattle, either up into the National Forest in late May or bringing them down at the end of September.

Your Room

Guests stay in private log cabins that sit either side of the stream that runs through the ranch. Many have an interesting past and were built by early homesteaders over 100 years ago. They are rustic, comfortable and refreshingly genuine with thankfully no hint of a ‘theme’. Pretty prints of wildflowers hang on the walls and wood burning stoves will keep you warm in the colder months.


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