This wilderness lodge is located not far from the remote Denali Highway, an adventurous journey in itself. Home to the historic Rapids Roadhouse, the lodge is a beautiful reminder that luxury can combine with wild Alaska to create a unique Last Frontier experience.


Built for year-round adventure, the Lodge at Black Rapids offers fine dining and delightful comfort within the scope of Alaska’s stunning scenery. Outside, you’ll find easy access to hiking, Nordic skiing, and wildlife-viewing, with plenty of time to relax. 

Your Room

A traditional Alaska-style lodge with a luxurious twist for comfort, the Lodge at Black Rapids offers private rooms that sleep up to five guests, with options for private bathrooms. Be sure to make a visit to the original Rapids Roadhouse to see how accommodations have changed since Alaska’s early homesteading days. 

Food and Drink

The lodge’s dining room is a favorite area of guests. Each meal is not only delicious, it’s a chance to gather and share experiences from the day. Look for unique meals featuring local produce, Alaska fish and meats, all served in the relaxed manner of Alaska hospitality. Guests may also indulge in a glass of wine or beer with lunch or dinner. 

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